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Waunders is a line of educational and entertaining children's books, founded and created by authors Rob Watts and Susan Saunders. Much like the warm memories of our favorite books from our childhood, we look forward to publishing books that your children will treasure for years to come. 
About The Authors
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​Susan Saunders' Bio
Susan holds a varied background in the performing arts, the healing arts and education. She has appeared on stage, TV and on film as an actress and singer. She lived in New York City for ten years. There she was an executive in the music industry, having worked at major labels such as Mercury Records, and in music publishing where she was creative director. She enjoyed working with many artists, including Bon Jovi and Ringo Starr. She was the creative director of the Grammy winning hit "Who Let the Dogs Out" by The Baha Men. Susan currently lives in her hometown of Mountain Lakes, NJ and works in the healing arts and education. She is a graduate of Drew University; The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences; and The College of St. Elizabeth's Graduate School of Education. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi the International Honor Society of Education. She loves the beach, playing along with Jeopardy on the TV, and crisp new boxes of Crayola crayons. She has been creating, dreaming and drawing since nursery school.
Rob Watts' Bio
Rob Watts is an award-winning writer of Suspenseful Thrillers. After freelancing for many years as a music reviewer, Watts released Huldufolk (2011), a suspenseful tale inspired by his time spent in Iceland, learning the language and studying folklore. The limited edition novella had included an accompanying CD soundtrack of music composed by the author as the fictitious band, The Traffic Lights. His novel, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove, was released in 2015 as a special edition hardcover, w/ a CD & vinyl soundtrack. The paperback edition hit store shelves in 2017. His 2016 Dark Romance/Thriller, Americana, was released as a limited print edition with a playable vinyl record book cover featuring the song "Americana Theme." Americana received an award from The 60th Annual New England Book Show in recognition of excellence in graphic arts. In October of 2017, his first collection of short fiction, Charms, was released. 

Visit Rob's Website for More Info: RobWattsOnline.com
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